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PT. PERMATA INDUSTRI JAYA ABADI or PIJA was founded in 2015 and made the first breakthrough by the successful installation of the first Australian designed and patented coupling by Thompson Coupling Ltd in Indonesia to a company named PT. Pindo Deli Pulp and Paper in Kerawang mill in March the 3rd 2015.

With years in laser alignment and vibration experiences, founder of PIJA was stunning with the result on this first installation coupling and changed his conviction on how Laser alignment can (and be the only) solving for the misalignment’s problem which can be encounter in most of the rotating machines.

This special drive to drive coupling or well known as TCAE (Thompson Coupling Alignment Eliminator) can be another real answer to all of the misalignment problems that delivered quick result and a long term achievement. It has all of the requirements for problem solving, expected more savings and work to ease for people that involve in the maintenance.

It’s a simple and quick installation that can be the trick to get your machine up and running again.

Over the last years as the authorized sole distributor and stockiest for Thompson Couplings in Indonesia, PIJA have step up the game by installing hundreds of couplings in major companies and applications that proven to be the key answer for high reliable and performance of the rotating machines on their production line.

With a motto “be the one to change” we encourage you to experience the same as the others that already gain more and more benefits on this product.

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“be the one to change”, experienced the same as the others that already gain more and more benefits on our services

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Thompson Coupling Alignment Eliminator

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